Mano aitvaras skraido

Mano aitvaras skraido

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    Presented in Lithuanian (one of the oldest languages still spoken in the world today), “My Dream Kite " is an album imbued with tenderness and simplicity in which Kristina and her friends take us on a journey into the wonderful, melodic universe of composer Alexandre Stanké. "My Dream Kite" is a celebration of friendship and of the joy of singing. 

    Includes "Aš negaliu sustot dainuot (I can't stop singing)," which was sung by more than 1,500 festival participants at the X North American Lithuanian Song Festival in Chicago in the summer of 2015.

    Music : Alexandre Stanké

    Lyrics : 
    1 Atostogų daina 
    2 Dviratukas 
    Vytė Nemunėlis

    3 Skaičiuotės 
    6 Uda uda 
    11 Do, re, mi 
    children's counting rhyme

    4 Feministinio vaiko dainelė 
    9 Einam, einam 
    8 Pasakėlė 
    10 Pienės pūkas 
    13 Gėlytė mamai 
    16 Aš negaliu sustot dainuot 
    Aušrinė Širvinskienė

    5 Šarka 

    7 Nykštukų mokykla 
    Adelė Jonušaitė-Abromaitienė

    12 Aitvaras skraido 
    14 Rudenėlis 
    17 Tave lankau 
    Dalia Žibaitienė

    15 Greitakalbės 
    tongue twister








    Lead vocals : Kristina 
    Backup vocals (Penketukas) : Aleksa Beniušis, Ariana Čičinskaitė-Castanheiro, Lina Jaugelis-Zatkovic, Aida Valevičiūtė, Gabrielė Valevičiūtė 
    Additional vocals : Kristina 
    Keyboards : Alexandre Stanké 
    Drums and percussion : Alexandre Stanké 
    Vocal arrangements : Kristina 
    Sound recording and mixing : William Szawlowski 
    Studio : Studios Piccolo (Montréal) 
    Photos : Kristina & Alexandre Stanké 
    Graphics : Kristina 
    Produced by : Kristina & Alexandre Stanké  

    released May 19, 2013
    © 2013, Kristal Audio | © 2013, Alexandre Stanké Inc.

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